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Enter the portal of your cosmic heart…

with the guidance of Alex Crow & Sena Maria. Through embodied exploration of the elements we will pray, be in ceremony, learn from each other in workshops and build a strong community of like-hearted soul family. This offering is a true co-creation from each of our hearts, and with the nourishing support of the land and deep work with cacao, ascension, song and movement medicine we will become the New Earth that our hearts envision.

Located at a beautiful, eco-friendly retreat center that feels like home in the Occidental Redwoods, we will camp under the stars for three nights, and return to the simple joy of being alive.

Imagine beautiful luscious yoga in a fully equipped yoga space, fire & cacao ceremonies held in a massive teepee, dance parties, and delicious high vibration food to nourish you mind, body & soul.