Self-Alignment Sessions

What does it mean to “be yourself”?

I’ve been sitting with the question of “who am I?” for some time. Some might say that this is the question of a lifetime. I am finding the answer to this existential question arising in at least two ways: 1. I receive a flash of insight, a feeling of remembering, of KNOWING who I am beyond all doubt or questioning. 2. Through the miracle of hindsight, I notice the larger view of the cycles of my life and can recognize the evolution of who I am as I am still becoming.

This brings me to a truth: We can never not be who we are, as we are always emanating from our ESSENCE… AND we are forever discovering our infinite nature, forever growing and expanding and deepening in our embodiment of who we ARE. We are becoming what we always have been.

I have developed a series of three 1:1 sessions with me to support you both in remembering and connecting more intimately with who are (who you have ALWAYS been), and in opening to expanded possibilities of what you are still becoming. This is an offering that has been seeded from the many facets of my being, and is a way for me to share the many different ways I can find connection with my Self and the Earth. Each session will take place at my home in San Francisco, where I will craft a sacred space for our time together.

This is a donation based project, and so my invitation to you is to offer what you truly feel is reciprocal for what you have received through our experience together. I am only accepting those who are ready and willing to commit to ALL THREE Self-Alignment Sessions. Are you ready?

SESSION 1: Grounding, Visioning & Intention Setting (2 hours)

We will begin with a cacao ceremony to ground us in our bodies and support us in connecting to the Truth of our Hearts, where our Essence emanates from. I will guide you through meditation and visualization practices to begin our journey inward, as well as offer an oracle reading to allow for the natural intention for our being together to rise. We will ground the session with a yin yoga practice and light Reiki healing work.

SESSION 2: Energetic healing, Embodiment Guidance & Mantra (2 hours)

Our second session together will begin with a full length Reiki session, followed by personalized Embodiment guidance informed by the information that I receive from your energetic body-being. We will continue to develop your intention for healing/growth/expansion/connection and will close our time with song, prayer and meditation.

SESSION 3: Integration & Personalized Yoga Nidra Offering (2 hours)

Our final session together will consist of reflection, meditation and integration time over herbal tea. I will also have created a personalized yoga nidra recording for YOU and your intentions for greater self-alignment. This recording will consist of guided visualizations and imagery that have come through our time together. You will have this recording as a way for you to continue to integrate the downloads from our time together. We will close our time with a smudging/body-blessing and prayer.