Self-Alignment Sessions

What does it mean to “be yourself"?

I have come to realize over time that the work I do and the experiences I offer, are all ways that help me to come home to mySelf. Although I wasn’t always aware of it, I can now see that I have guided myself to these practices because they help me to answer the most primary existential question, “who am I?”.

Here’s a truth I have found…We each emanate from our own Heart-Center. We can never escape ourselves. We are never apart from ourSelves, so there’s nothing to really “find” is there? In the exact same moment, we are forever expanding, deepening, healing, becoming, evolving, and so there is always infinitely more of US to feel and embody. It’s a BOTH-AND situation.

I have been Guided to offer a new form of 1:1 work that will allow you and I to share intimate time together for the purpose of Self-Alignment. I truly believe that as we continue to embody our Natural-Divine Self, the sharing of our innate gifts will be the spreading of awakening and generosity that this world so deeply needs. Its about remembering who we have always been by re-aligning with our most natural way of being, as well as finding ways to encourage ourselves to keep going, to keep growing, to keep expanding into and from ourselves.

It is my intention and desire to support you in your being and becoming. As I do not wish for money to be the obstacle that restricts us from being who we are, this work will be donation/trade based. All I ask is that you reciprocate with the same level of love and devotion that I am offering to you! How you do this is completely in your heart and hands.

Are you ready?


Session 1: Grounding, Visioning & Intention Setting

Our first session together will begin with Cacao Ceremony as a way to anchor into the Heart-Space and allow for the natural intention for our time to arise. We will use the practices of meditation, visualization, card reading, and yin yoga to initiate our journey and ground us into the body. My intention in this first session is to hold space for you to feel comfortable, and to deeply relax into the knowing that you body holds.

This session will last 2 hours and will take place at my home in San Francisco.


Session 2: Energetic Healing & Embodiment Guidance

Our second session together will begin with a full length Reiki Healing session where I will listen for the energetic information that your body-mind-being system is offering. This information with inform the Guidance that I will offer you as personal practice on your continued journey of greater and greater Embodiment. We will be continuing to tune into and hone in on the intention for your highest healing and self-alignment in the language that speaks most intimately to your heart. To close our time together we will embark on a sound journey, allowing the voice of the heart to rise through sacred sounds, syllables, mantras and medicine songs.

This session will last 2.5 hours and will take place at my home in San Francisco.


Session 3: Integration, Reflection and Final Offerings

To close our time together, we will allow for reflection and integration over tea. We will write together, discuss our experiences and breakthroughs, and I will share my final offerings with you that will include a personalized Yoga Nidra recording. This recording will be crafted specifically for YOU, and will include imagery and visualizations that will have come directly from the reflections and discoveries of our time together. You will have this recording as a reminder of who you are AND who you are becoming.

This session will last 1.5 hours and will take place at my home or (if weather permits) on a special piece of land nearby.