Rei= Universal Life Energy, Divine Consciousness

Ki= Breath, Life-Force, Vital Radiant Energy



What is Reiki?

“This One Mind that is within you and me is not inside, outside, or in the middle.  And at the same time it is inside, outside, and in the middle.  Like the stillness of empty space, it pervades everywhere.” –Xunyun, in Sheng Yen, Attaining the Way: A Guide to the Practice of Chan Buddhism

Although there are inconsistencies regarding the history of Reiki, we know that the grandfather of Reiki, Mikao Usui was born into a high-ranking group of Samurai in Japan in 1865.  It is said that the transmission of the ancient knowledge of Reiki was given to him in a Divine Vision during a three-week period of meditation, fasting and prayer on Mt. Koriyama in Japan.  

The practice of this laying-of-hands has evolved since Usui's time, being spread across the globe with it's healing power.  It is our birth right to heal and to love, and Reiki is the energy behind that healing connection.    Think about how powerful a loving hug can be when you are feeling sadness, or how natural it is to put your hands over a scraped knee.  Touch alone can heal.  Touch that is charged with the energy of Reiki is strongly connected to the original source of all Energy, what some call God, the Higher Self, the Universe etc.  As Diane Stein puts it, "While everything that has life has Ki (life force), Reiki connects the receiver in an increased way to its limitless source."

"Everything in the universe possesses Reiki without any exception." -Note from a student of Mikao Usui from Hiroshi Doi’s manual



How can Reiki help me?

Although the effects of Reiki are different from person to person, in general the receiver is usually left with a feeling of overall wellness, relaxation, decrease in stress, warmth, and deep peace.  Reiki assists ALL forms of life with moving blocked/dense energy (whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical), leaving space for the recipient to experience the benefits of being in harmony with the Universal Life Force.  Reiki has a positive effect on all illnesses and ailments.  It has been seen to decrease pain almost instantly, and in some cases has completely healed extreme conditions.   In my experience, Reiki always helps in some way.  

Client and her pup <3

Client and her pup <3

What does a Reiki session look like?

Normally a session lasts about 60-75 minutes, and consists of a brief check in and setting of intentions, followed by the healing practice and ending with sharing of observations.  Most sessions will take place on a massage table, but you can also receive Reiki seated or lying down on the floor (whatever is most comfortable).  The client does not need to remove clothing, as they will be lying face up under a sheet or blankets.  During the session the practitioner will place his/her hands on or near the client in a series of hand positions (mostly around the face, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs).  


single session: $111/ 75 min

reiki student special: $88/ 75 min

3 session bundle: $300

The Reiki Principles:

Just for today I will not worry. 

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will honor my ancestors, the Earth and every living thing. 

Just for today I will do my work honestly. 

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.