photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Miller

photo courtesy of Kathryn Rummel

photo courtesy of Kathryn Rummel

photo courtesy of Katilyn Miller

Alex is a gifted teacher, healer and mentor with whom I’ve had the honor to work with for several years. Finding her has been a real treasure. Her classes are masterpieces in sequencing, yoga philosophy, intention, mantra and flowing with life. I’ve loved working with her in yin, restorative, vinyasa, reiki and attending my first ever yoga retreat with her was a very special experience that brought high levels of healing and consciousness to my daily practice. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone seeking an authentic, soulful, empathetic, magical and healing experience. I’m thankful and grateful to be able to call her my teacher from whom I’ve learned and grown so much and has helped me become the teacher I am today.
— Sarah Sague, yoga teacher

"alex's class is rich with her abundant knowledge of the body-mind and its movement. her wisdom of asanas and philosophy alike shines without a trace of hubris, creating a space for students to direct their attention within and to the dance that develops. they will leave transformed."

-rebecca chun, choreographer/educator/mother

"taking classes with alexandra is always a pleasure! she integrates the inner and outer worlds with her teachings and relates with her own life experiences. the music selections are on point too! she composes her classes to flow like a beautiful dance in which we all get to throw our own flavor on. she also has and inversion section where we get to practice more advanced positions and push our boundaries. her assists help to align and improve your posture to get the most out of each pose and really feel it! i leave feeling refreshed, calm, and meditative."

-gregory demartini, professional skateboarder

"class with alex is informative and deep. she teaches from experience and her wisdom comes from her own very own wrestling with life. be sure to be transformed when you walk into her class. her presence is stunning."

-tekla kostek, professional dancer/educator


"alex's classes are imaginative and intuitive, at all times attending to the body's needs and desires in motion and stillness. i appreciate that she is still seeking knowledge herself; she knows how to guide students to the edge between the known and unknown where change and learning occur."

-katharine hawthorne, professional dancer/choreographer

"what makes alex truly stand apart from other yoga teachers is her extraordinary ability to hold space. she is so knowledgeable, so confident, so clear that you can truly relax into the practice in her presence. i always leave her class feeling really in touch with myself--i put myself in her hands and she takes me on a journey deep into my own experience. an incredibly gifted teacher!"

-roche janken, software engineer

"alex's teaching combines deep reverence for the human experience with a nuanced understanding of anatomical function. she gently invites students to take risks and go deeper, to inquisitively approach challenge and growth. her teaching is clearly designed, generous and insightful!"

-elizabeth chitty, professional dancer/choreographer/body-worker