Yoga Nidra 

Also known as "the sleep of the yogis", Yoga Nidra is a quiet, deep & effective practice that guides the practitioner into a state of deep physical relaxation while in a state of heightened awareness.  Yoga Nidra is a method of conscious relaxation and visualization which has been proven to rejuvenate the entire body-mind-spirit system. It has been said that one session of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3-5 hours of ordinary sleep.

A large piece of the practice is in creating and engaging with your Sankalpa, your intention for healing.  During waking consciousness, it is much more challenging to redirect the subconscious programming of our own minds toward our own healing. This is why the Sankalpa is planted intentionally during the hypnogogic state that Yoga Nidra allows us access to.  The hypnogogic state is a state of deeply relaxed but alert consciousness that allows us to hack the deep layers of programming that keep us limited in our belief of our own creator-ship. It is within this fertile ground that we plant our sankalpas and with continued practice, watch them slowly but surely become our reality!

I am now offering personalized yoga nidra practices. For those of your interested in accelerating your healing path within yourself with the support of this deep practice, please fill out the form below to inform me of your interest. Together we will…

  • develop your sankalpa (the seed of your truest intention for healing) through:

    • a series of written prompts

    • a 1 hour 1:1 video call

  • deepen your meditation practice with the support of:

    • a personalized and recorded 10 minute meditation for a 40 day daily sadhana

    • a personalized and recorded 30 minute yoga nidra for you to use at least once a week.


For now, please feel free to check out the FREE Yoga Nidra recording below.  If you enjoy what you find, you can continue to follow me HERE at my Soundcloud profile for more free recordings!  


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